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June 5, 2021

Morning Murli. Om Shanti. Madhuban.

Brahma Kumaris

Shiv Baba’s murli for today for Brahma Kumaris/Kumars (BK godly students). Publisher: Madhuban, Mount Abu. ➤ Change Murli language  ➤Visit our “Online Services” section for daily sustenance.

The reason for unhappiness is disobedience in little things.

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Today, the unlimited, greatest of all Fathers, the Father who makes you the highest of all is especially seeing His children who out of all the children everywhere are obedient. All consider themselves to be obedient children, but they are numberwise. Some are always obedient, whereas others are obedient but not always. All the children are in the list of obedient children but there is definitely a difference. The Father who gives instructions gives all the children the same instructions at the same time. He doesn’t give a variety of directions or separate directions to individuals. So, why is it still numberwise then? Those who are always easily embodiments of the awareness of the Father’s instructions in every thought and every action automatically move along with their every thought, word and action in accordance with those instructions, whereas those who do not become embodiments of that awareness repeatedly have to bring them into their awareness. Sometimes, because of having that awareness, they move along while being obedient, whereas at other times they remember the instruction after moving along, because they are not embodiments of the awareness of the instructions. Because they don’t experience in their actions the instant and visible fruit of elevated actions, they remember later, when the action is over, why they received that result. They check themselves after performing the action and they thereby understand that they haven’t experienced the visible fruit because they were not moving along according to the Father’s directions. That is not being an embodiment of the awareness of the instructions, but having the awareness after seeing the fruit of your actions. So, number one is easily and automatically being an embodiment of awareness and being obedient. The second number are of those who sometimes perform actions with that awareness and sometimes have that awareness after performing their actions. Don’t even ask about the third number! There are two rosaries. The first is a small rosary and the second is a bigger rosary. There is no rosary of the third number. This is why Baba is only speaking of two categories.

Because they perform actions according to instructions from amrit vela throughout the day till night time, number one obedient children do not experience having to labour in any action, but they experience the special fruit of blessings from the Father as the fruit of their obedience. This is because obedient children always receive blessings from the heart of BapDada at every step. Therefore, because of receiving blessings from the heart, their every action is fruitful, for action is the seed and the attainment from that seed is the fruit. Because the seed, that is, every action of every number one obedient soul, is powerful, they experience contentment and success as the fruit of every action. There can be contentment with the self, with the result of the action and also in their connections and relationships with many souls. The number one obedient souls naturally and constantly experience all three types of contentment. Sometimes, children are content with their own actions – that they performed very good actions with the right method – and yet, at other times, they are not able to see the fruit of contentment as much as they think they should. In some cases, they are content with themselves, they are content with their fruit, but there isn’t contentment in their connections and relationships. So, that would not be called being a number one obedient soul. A number one obedient soul would experience contentment in all three things.

According to the present time, some souls sometimes experience themselves to be discontent with some elevated, obedient children. You would think that there is no one with whom everyone is content. Someone or other would always be discontent, but there are many reasons for that. Because of not knowing their own reasons, there is a misunderstanding. Secondly, according to their own intellects, they have too many desires or expectations of the seniors and when those expectations are not fulfilled, they become discontent. Thirdly, because of their past sanskars and nature and the karmic account of some souls, those who should become content are not content. Because of this, there is no reason why others should be discontent with number one obedient souls or elevated souls, but they do remain discontent due to their own reasons. This is why, in some cases, it seems as though someone is discontent with everyone. However, in that too, the majority, at least 95%, would be content. Five percent would be seen as discontent. So, the majority of the number one obedient souls would make others content in all three ways. Because they constantly perform every elevated action according to instructions, because of being content after performing every action, their minds or intellects would not be repeatedly disturbed by their actions – whether they did the right thing or not. Those in the second category often have thoughts in their minds after performing the action as to whether they did the right thing or not. In your language, you speak of this as your conscience biting, because you did not do the right thing. The conscience of a number one obedient soul would never bite. Because they do everything according to instructions, they always remain light, for they don’t have any burden of the bondage of karma. You were told earlier too that one is to have a relationship of karma and the other is to perform actions under a bondage of karma. So, a number one soul comes into a relationship of karma and is therefore always light. In every action, because of receiving special blessings from BapDada, a number one soul would constantly experience internal will power as a result of blessings. Such a soul would always experience supersensuous joy; he would always experience himself to be full.

Do you know what some children sometimes say, when they put the condition of their heart in front of the Father? “I don’t know why, but today I feel empty inside.” Nothing much has happened as such, but yet there isn’t the experience of perfection or happiness. At that time, they didn’t perform any wrong action or make a little mistake but, while moving along, because of being ignorant or careless from time to time, they don’t do everything according to instructions. Firstly, a burden of disobedience to time pulls you towards itself at some time. Just as the strong sanskars and nature of the previous birth sometimes pull you towards themselves even against your conscious wish, similarly, from time to time, the burden of your disobedience sometimes pulls you towards itself. Those are karmic accounts of the past and these are karmic accounts of the present time, because no account – whether of this birth or past births – can be burnt without your being in the stage of an embodiment of the fire of love. Because you do not constantly have the stage of being an embodiment of this fire, that is, because you do not constantly have the stage of powerful remembrance, of the seed stage, of being a lighthouse and might house, you are unable to burn your karmic accounts and that is why the accounts that still remain pull you towards themselves. You don’t make a mistake at that time and yet you feel, “I don’t know what happened”. Sometimes, your mind won’t be able to stay in remembrance or in service and sometimes there will be waves of unhappiness. One is to experience peace through knowledge and the other is the peace of dead silence, where there is no happiness or bliss. That is peace without any sweetness. The heart’s desire would just be to go and sit somewhere in solitude. All of these things are signs of being disobedient in one way or other. The burden of karma pulls you.

One form of disobedience is to commit a sin or to make a big mistake and the second is disobedience in little things. For instance, the Father’s instruction is: At amrit vela, stay in powerful remembrance according to the right discipline. So, what would you say if you do not observe this instruction at amrit vela? Would that be being obedient or disobedient? Perform every action as a karma yogi with the feeling of being an instrument, with humility: you have these instructions. There is a long list of these, but Baba is just quoting one as an example. You have been given instructions for everything: your vision, your attitude, etc. Out of all these instructions, if you don’t follow any one instruction in the right way, it is known as being disobedient in little things. If you continue to accumulate this account, it will definitely pull you towards itself, and this is why you say that you are unable to accumulate as much as you want. When you are asked, “Are you moving along OK?”, you all say, “Yes”. However when you are asked if you are accumulating as much as you should, you then have to think about it. While receiving so many signals, while being knowledge-full, if you are still unable to accumulate as much as you should, what is the reason for that? The burden of the past and the present do not allow you to become double light. Sometimes, you become double light and sometimes, the burden brings you down. You don’t constantly experience the stage of supersensuous joy and peace filled with happiness. You don’t experience the attainment of the lift of special blessings from BapDada for being obedient. This is why you sometimes find it easy and, at other times, you find you have to labour. You very clearly heard about the specialities of a number one obedient soul. So, who is number two then? Those who lack these specialities are number two and they become the beads of the second number rosary. So, you want to become part of the first rosary, do you not? Nothing is difficult. The instruction for every step is very clear. So, is it easy or difficult to move along according to that? The instructions are the Father’s footsteps. So, it is easy to place your steps in His footsteps, is it not? In any case, all of you are true Sitas, brides. So, the brides place their steps in His footsteps, do they not? This is the method. So, what is difficult? In the relationship of a child too, a child is one who follows the footsteps of the Father; one who does what the Father says. The Father speaks and the child does: this is known as being number one obedient. So check and change yourself. Achcha.

To all the most obedient, elevated souls everywhere, to the special souls who always experience the blessings received from the Father, to the great souls who always experience contentment and success in every action, to the obedient children who place their steps in the Father’s footsteps, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:

Do you always consider yourselves to be spiritual pilgrims? While on a pilgrimage, what do you remember? You only remember the place you have to go to. If you remember anything else, you make effort to forget that. If you go on a pilgrimage to a goddess, then you continue to say along the way, “Salutations to the mother, salutations to the mother.” If you remember anyone else, it is not be considered to be good. You remind one another: Remember the mother (goddess). Do not remember your home and children. Remember the mother. So, what do the spiritual pilgrims always remember? Do you remember your home, the supreme abode? That is where you have to go. So, do you remember both your home and your kingdom, heaven, or do you also remember other things? You don’t remember the old world, do you? It should not be that, because you are living here (in this world), you remember it. Whilst living in it, remain separate from it, because the more detached you are, the more you will be able to remember the Father with love. So, check: while living in the old world are you trapped in the old world? A lotus lives in the mud, but is separate from it. So, you have to live here for service, not out of attachment. So, you mothers do not have attachment, do you? If something happens to a grandchild of yours, would you have attachment then? If the grandchild cries, does your mind cry? Where there is attachment, the sorrow of others is felt to be your own sorrow. It should not be that because the child has a fever you also have a fever in your mind. Attachment pulls you. Of course there will be papers. Sometimes, one grandchild would not be well, sometimes, another. Sometimes, there will be problems about money, sometimes there will be problems of your own ill health. All of that will happen, but you must always remain detached: do not become attached. Are you free from attachment to this extent? Mothers have attachment in relationships, whereas men have attachment to money. In earning money, they will even forget to have remembrance. To work for the sake of the livelihood of your body is one thing, but to become so engrossed in it that you forget your study and your practice of remembrance is to have attachment. So, you don’t have attachment, do you? The more you become a conqueror of attachment, the more you will become an embodiment of remembrance.

Meeting Kumars:

You are the kumars who will perform wonders, are you not? What wonders will you show? You always have the enthusiasm to reveal the Father, but what is the method for that? Nowadays, everyone’s vision is on the youth. Let spiritual youth give such an experience of the power of peace with the power of their minds, their words and their activity that people understand that you will all bring about a revolution with the power of peace. Just as force is visible on the faces and in the activities of the physical youth – when you see them, you can tell that they are in their youth – in the same way, let them experience peace from your faces and your activities – this is known as being one who performs wonders. Let there be this vibration from each one’s attitude. Just as you receive the vibration from their faces and their activities, that they are those with a violent attitude, in the same way, let them experience rays of peace from your vibrations. Show such wonders. When anyone carries out something revolutionary, everyone’s attention is drawn. In the same way, let everyone’s attention be drawn to you. Do such unlimited service because, when you relate knowledge, they like it, but transformation only takes place when they see someone with experience. Do something unique and show everyone. Even mothers serve with their words. Instrument sisters also do this service, but you have to show some newness so that even the Government’s attention is drawn. When the sun rises, everyone’s attention is automatically drawn to it, that light is coming. In the same way, let everyone’s attention be drawn to you. Do you understand?


Souls have had a desire or hope for a long time to go to Nirvana or the land of liberation, and it is for this that they have been making various kinds of spiritual endeavour over many births and have become tired. Everyone now wants success and not just to make spiritual endeavour. Success means salvation and so, in order to quench the thirst of thirsty souls, tired and desperate souls, you elevated souls with your power of silence and all your powers have to bring them success in a second. You would then be said to be God’s helpers.


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