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September 9, 2021

Morning Murli. Om Shanti. Madhuban.

Brahma Kumaris

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Sweet children, you are listening to new spiritual things from the spiritual Father. You know that just as you souls have come here having changed your forms, so the Father has also come in the same way.


What title can the little children claim if they pay great attention to the explanations that the Father gives?


That of spiritual leader. If the little children do something courageous and pay attention to the things that the Father says and they explain them to others, everyone will give them a lot of love. The Father’s name will also be glorified.

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Leave your throne of the sky and come down to earth.

Om shanti. The children called out and the Father responded. What do you children say practically? Baba, come once again into the kingdom of Ravan. There is also the expression: The shadow of Maya is cast once again. Ravan is called Maya. This is why they cry out: ‘It has now become the kingdom of Ravan. So, come here once again!’ There is a lot of sorrow here in the kingdom of Ravan. We have become very unhappy, sinful souls. The Father is here in a practical way. You children know that that same Mahabharat War is once again here. The Father is teaching knowledge and Raja Yoga. People call out: O incorporeal Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, come from the incorporeal world and take a corporeal form! Change Your form! The Father explains that you too are residents of the place that is the great element of brahm or the incorporeal world. You have also changed your forms. No one knows this. An incorporeal soul comes and takes a corporeal body. That is the incorporeal world. This is the corporeal world and the other is the subtle world; that is separate. It is in your intellects that you come here from the land of silence, the land beyond sound. When the Father has to create the new creation, he first creates the subtle region. It is only now that you go to the subtle region: you will not go there again. When you first come down, you don’t come via the subtle region. You come here directly. You can now go to the subtle region and come back. It is not a question of going and coming by foot. It is you children who have visions. You can also have visions of the incorporeal world, but you cannot go there. You can also have visions of Vaikunth (paradise), but you cannot go there until you become completely pure. You cannot say that you can go to the subtle region. You can have visions of it. There are Shiv Baba, Dada and you children. Look how you children are listening to new spiritual things! No one in the world knows these things. Although they speak of the incorporeal world, they don’t know what it is like. First of all, they don’t know about souls, so how could they know the incorporeal world? The Father comes and first of all gives you the realisation of souls. You are souls; you have changed your form, that is, you have come from the incorporeal into the corporeal. You souls now understand how you experience 84 births. You souls are filled with all of those parts like a record. He told you all of these things previously. The Father says: I now tell you deep, entertaining things. You now know what you previously didn’t know. New points enter your intellects and this is why you are quickly able to explain to others. The tree of Brahmins continues to grow day by day. It will then become the deity tree. The number of Brahmins will grow. It is very small to look at, just as when you look at India on the world map, it appears to be so small. In fact, India is very large. In the same way, it is said for knowledge: “Manmanabhav”, that is, remember Alpha. The seed is so tiny and the tree that grows from it is so big. This Brahmin clan is also small and it will continue to grow. It is in your intellects that you are Brahmins at this time and that you will then become deities. The picture of the ladder of 84 births is very good. You children can explain that those who take 84 births are the ones who come and understand this. Some take 84 births and others take 80 births. You at least understand that you belong to this deity clan. You will belong to the sun-dynasty clan. If you fail, you come later. Not everyone will come together. Although many take this knowledge, everyone will not come down together. They will go back together and come down a few at a time. This is something to be understood. How could everyone take 84 births at the same time? You call out to the Father to come and tell you the knowledge of the Gita once again. This shows that He comes and speaks the knowledge of the Gita when the Mahabharat War is to take place. This is called Raja Yoga. You are now studying Raja Yoga. Baba comes every cycle and gives us knowledge every 5000 years. We listen to the story of the true Narayan, do we not? Where did they come from and where did they go? No one knows this. The Father explains: Children, the shadow of Ravan is cast over you. Now, according to the drama, the kingdom of Ravan has to end. In the golden age there is the kingdom of Rama, whereas at this time it is the kingdom of Ravan. You understand that no one else in the world has the knowledge that you now have. This is our new study for the new world. They have written the name of Krishna in the Gita, but that is an old matter. You are now listening to new things. They say that they have never heard it said before that God Shiva speaks. They have always been hearing it said: God Krishna speaks. You hear everything new for the new world. All of you know that Bharat is ancient. However, when was that and how did the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan continue? How did they claim their kingdom and where did it then go? None of this enters their intellects. What happened that their kingdom came to an end? Who gained victory? They don’t understand anything. They say that the golden age lasts for hundreds of thousands of years. It is impossible for Lakshmi and Narayan to rule a kingdom for hundreds of thousands of years. In that case, there would be many sun-dynasty kings. No name is mentioned of any of them. No one knows about the 1250 years or for how long the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan continued. No one knows this, and so how could anyone know anything of hundreds of thousands of years? No one’s intellect works. You little ones can quickly explain. This is very easy. This whole story is based on Bharat. The people of Bharat were kings in the golden and silver ages. There are the different images. It was 5000 years ago, but they speak of hundreds of thousands of years. The Father says: This story is of 5000 years: it became the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan 5000 years ago. There was their dynasty and they then had to take rebirth. When you little girls just explain this much, people will think that you have studied this knowledge very well. No one, apart from the spiritual Father, has this spiritual knowledge. You would say that the spiritual Father has come and given you this knowledge. Souls listen through their bodies. A soul says: I am becoming so-and-so. Human beings don’t realise the self. The Father has made us realise ourselves. I, the soul, take the full 84 births. When you sit and explain such things, they will think that you have very good knowledge. God is full of knowledge. They sing: God is knowledge-full, blissful, the Liberator and the Guide, but no one knows where He is going to take us. You children can explain this. The spiritual Father is knowledge-full. He is also called the Blissful One. When people are unhappy He comes and liberates them. There is one kingdom of Ravan. It is said: Heavenly God, the Father. The kingdom of Ravan is called hell. When you sit and explain this knowledge to people, they will quickly tell you to go and tell it to others. However, you have to imbibe this very well. There is a magazine with the exhibition pictures inside it. Understand these pictures well and a great deal of service can then be done through them. This child (Jayantiben) can go to London and explain to her teacher. You can also go and do this service in London. There is a lot of cheating in the world. Ravan has made everyone into cheats. Children can explain the history and geography of the whole world. For how long did the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan continue? Then, from such-and-such a year, there were the eras of those of Islam, the Buddhists and the Christians. The tree of the variety of religions has grown and become so large. Other religions come after half the cycle. When she (Jayantiben) relates such things, they will say that she is a spiritual leader and that she has spiritual knowledge. She would then say: This knowledge is given in India. Spiritual God, the Father, is giving it. He is the Seed. This is an inverted tree. The Seed is knowledge-full. A seed would have the knowledge of its tree. This is the tree of the variety of religions. This is called the deity religion of Bharat. First there is the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan and then there is the kingdom of Rama and Sita. They continue for half the cycle and then those of Islam come; the tree continues to grow. This child should go and give lectures and explain how the tree emerges. We can explain how the world cycle turns. There isn’t anyone else abroad to do this. This child should go and explain that it is now the end of the iron age and that the golden age is about to come and they will become very happy. Baba shows you methods, so pay attention to them. Little children receive a lot of respect. When little children do something courageous, they receive love from many. The Father feels that if you little children pay attention to these things, you can become spiritual leaders. Only the spiritual Godfather sits and gives you this knowledge. It is a mistake to call Krishna, God the Father. God is incorporeal. All of us souls are brothers and He is the Father. When everyone in the iron age is unhappy, the Father comes. When it is the iron age again the Father has to come to establish the golden age. Ancient Bharat was the land of happiness. It was heaven and there were very few people. So, where were all the rest of the souls? They were in the land of peace. You should explain in this way. There is nothing to be afraid about in this. This is just a story. A story is told with happiness. How the history and geography of the world repeat is also a story. You can also call it knowledge. You should remember this very firmly. The Father says: I, this soul, have the knowledge of the whole tree which I repeat to you. The knowledge-full Father is giving knowledge to you children. When this child goes and gives this knowledge to them, they will say: Also call others. Tell them: ‘Yes, I can call them’, because people want to know about the ancient Raja Yoga of Bharat through which Bharat became heaven. Someone should go and explain that. What can the sannyasis say? That spiritual knowledge is only in the Gita. So, they go and only relate the Gita. So many people read the Gita and learn it by heart. Is that spiritual knowledge? That knowledge is based on a human being. Human beings cannot give spiritual knowledge. You now understand that there is the difference of day and night between that Gita and the knowledge that Baba tells you. The Father had given this knowledge, but they put Krishna’s name. Krishna doesn’t have this knowledge in the golden age. Only the Father is the knowledge-full One. These are such tricky matters! This knowledge doesn’t exist when the Krishna soul is in the golden age. They have tangled everything up. All of you can go abroad and glorify Baba’s name. You can give lectures. Tell them: We can give you the knowledge of the history and geography of the world. We can explain to you how God establishes heaven and how heaven then becomes hell. Sit and write these things down and then check that you haven’t forgotten any point. Then remember those points and also note them down. By practising in this way, you will write very well. When you explain very well, your name will be glorified. Baba can send anyone from here to do service outside. It is very good if this one goes and explains to others. You can become very clever in just seven days. Imbibe the knowledge of the Seed and the tree in your intellect and explain the details. You can explain very well using the pictures. There should be an interest in doing service. Your status will be very high then. The knowledge is very easy. This is a dirty old world. Compared to heaven, this old world is like stinking cow dung. That is the golden world, whereas this is the world of cow dung. You children know that you will shed your bodies and become princes and princesses and that you will go and study in such schools. The planes there will be foolproof. If you children have this happiness inside you, you will never cry about anything. You understand that you will become princes and princesses, so why should you not have that happiness inside you? We will go to such schools in the future and do this and that. Baba cannot understand why you children forget all of this. You should feel very intoxicated. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1.Remove this dirty old world that is like cow dung from your intellect. Remember the golden-aged world and maintain unlimited happiness and intoxication. Never cry.
2.Imbibe the deep and entertaining things that the Father tells you and then explain them to everyone. Claim the title of a spiritual leader.


Mahavir children cannot be pulled by anything attractive in the physical world. They make themselves detached and loving to the Father in a second. As soon as they receive a direction, those who experience being detached from their bodies, bodiless, soul-conscious, free from bondage and yogyukt are easy yogis, natural yogis, constant yogis, karma yogis and elevated yogis. They can focus their thoughts and their breath in remembering the Father, the Lord of Life (Praneshwar), whenever they want, for as long as they want.


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