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September 25, 2021

Morning Murli. Om Shanti. Madhuban.

Brahma Kumaris

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The most elevated stars are the stars of success.

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Today, the Sun of Knowledge and the moon of knowledge, are seeing their alokik constellation. This is an alokik and unique constellation; only the Father and the Brahmin children know its specialities. Each and every star is giving light to this entire world with its own sparkle. BapDada is seeing the speciality of each and every star. Some are elevated, fortunate, lucky stars. Some are stars who are close to the Father and some are stars who are at a distance away. All are stars but, because their specialties are different, they experience the attainment of different fruits of service for themselves. Some are constantly easy stars, that is, they experience the fruit of attainment very easyily. Some are stars who have to work hard. Perhaps it is just a little hard work or perhaps a little more, but they generally experience the fruit of attainment after they have had the experience of making effort. Some, even before performing the action, have the experience of their right, of success being their birthright. Because they perform action with that faith and intoxication, they very easily experience the success of those actions. These are called the stars of success.

The most elevated stars of all are the stars of success because they are always close to the Sun of Knowledge and the moon of knowledge. Therefore, they are always powerful and also have a right to success. Although some are powerful, they are not constantly powerful, and this is why their sparkle isn’t constant. The gathering of the variety of stars is extremely beautiful when they are sparkling. All the stars are doing service, but the closest stars become the servers who bring others very close to the Sun and the moon. Each one of you should ask yourself the question: What type of star am I? Are you a lovely star, a lucky star, a constantly powerful one, one that experiences having to labour or a star that constantly experiences easy success? The Father, the Sun of Knowledge, constantly gives unlimited light and power to all the stars, but because some are close and others are distant, there is a difference. The closer the relationship, the greater the experience of light and power. The aim of the closest stars is that they want to become equal.

This is why BapDada constantly gives this signal to all the stars. All of you have become lucky and lovely, but, in future, look at yourselves and ask: Am I one who is constantly close, am I one who experiences easy success? To what extent have I become a star of success? You are no longer stars who can ever fall, nor are you comets (stars with a tail – puch). Comets are those who repeatedly ask (puchna – to ask a question) BapDada, themselves and also the instrument souls the questions of Why?, What? or How? These tails constantly dangle behind them. The ones who keep asking these questions again and again are stars who have those dangling tails. There is no one like that here, is there? The stars of success are the ones who have success merged in their every action. Such stars are constantly close to the Father, that is, they are with the Father. You heard the specialities. So, now imbibe these specialities in yourselves and become stars of constant success. Do you understand what you have to become? Along with being lucky and lovely, also be successful: always continue to experience this greatness. Achcha.

Today, Baba is going to meet you all. Today, BapDada has come especially to meet all of you. You all have the aim of meeting Baba. However, seeing the wave that arises in the children, the Father also has to make all the children happy, because the Father becomes happy in the happiness of the children. So, today, the wave is that of meeting individually and the Ocean also has to come into that wave. This is the wave of this season, and so this chariot also has to be given special rays of power in order to make it continue to function. Achcha.

To all the alokik stars everywhere in the alokik constellation, to those who constantly give light to the world, to the sparkling stars who remove the darkness, to the elevated souls who constantly stay close to the Father and are the elevated stars of success, to the fortunate souls who are able to transform the lines of fortune of innumerable other souls, special love and remembrance and namaste from the Sun of Knowledge and the moon of knowledge, from BapDada.

Invaluable versions spoken by Avyakt BapDada in personal meetings:

1. Do you constantly experience yourself to be a child of the Bestower of Happiness who gives happiness to every soul? You have the speciality of giving happiness to everyone, do you not? According to the drama, you have also received this speciality. Not everyone has this speciality. Those who give happiness to everyone receive blessings from everyone. This is why you always experience yourself to be happy. With this speciality, your present and also your future will become good. You have such a good part that you receive everyone’s love and also their blessings. This is known as giving onefold and receiving a thousandfold return. So, because you give everyone happiness through your service, you receive everyone’s love. Always keep this speciality with you.

2. Do you constantly experience yourself to be a powerful child of the Almighty Authority Father? A powerful soul is always content and also makes others content. Are you powerful to this extent? Contentment is greatness. A powerful soul means a soul who is full of the treasure of contentment. Always continue to move forward in this awareness. It is this treasure that will make everyone full and overflowing.

3. Do you have the happiness that out of everyone in the whole world the Father selected you and made you belong to Him? The awareness that the Father selected you alone out of innumerable souls gives you so much happiness. So, constantly continue to move forward in this happiness: The Father made me belong to Him because I was the fortunate soul of the previous cycle. I am that now and I will become that again. I am such a fortunate soul. Constantly continue to move forward in this awareness.

4. The power of doing service while constantly remaining carefree makes you move forward. When you remain free from the thought of whether you did something or whether someone else did it, service takes place in a completely carefree way and the power of that constantly makes you move forward. So, you are a carefree server, are you not? You don’t count your service. This is known as carefree service. Those who serve while being carefree are guaranteed to move forward easily in service. This speciality as a blessing will continue to make you move forward.

5. Service has also become a means to make many souls loving to the Father. Even though it may seem as though it is just doing service through actions, this service done through actions brings you even more fruit than service done through words. When you also do the service of transforming someone’s mind through actions, then the fruit of doing that service is experienced as special happiness. Although service done through actions is seen as physical service, it is service that transforms attitudes in a subtle way. So, continue to move forward in the happiness that you are instruments for doing such service. Those who give lectures do that, but the service of those who serve through their actions is greater than those who give lectures, because the practical fruit of this is experienced.

6. Do you constantly experience yourself to be an elevated soul accumulating in your account of charity? This service is service in name, but it is a means of accumulating in your account of charity. So, your account of charity is constantly overflowing and it will remain overflowing in the future. The more service you do, the more your account of charity will continue to increase. So, your account of charity has become imperishable. This charity makes you full for many births. So, you are a charitable soul and, as a charitable soul, you always show others the path of charity. This account of charity will remain with you for many births and you will remain prosperous for many births. Constantly continue to move forward in this happiness.

7. Do you experience yourself to be an elevated soul who constantly stays in remembrance of the one Father and experience a constant stage? When you have remembrance of the one Father, you automatically and easily experience a constant and stable stage. So, a constant stage is an elevated stage. The awareness of, “I am an elevated soul who experiences a constant and stable stage”, will constantly make you move forward. By having this stage you will continue to experience many powers.

8. You are BapDada’s special decoration, are you not? The greatest decoration of all is the jewel on the forehead. A jewel on the forehead always sparkles. So, those who become such jewels that constantly sparkle on the forehead look so lovely. Through your own sparkle, the jewel becomes the Father’s decoration and also gives light to others. So, do you constantly have the aim of becoming such a jewel of the forehead and of making others like that too? By always having good wishes, you are able to transform the feelings of others.

9. You move forward with the method of giving instant donations and receiving great charity by following the Father, do you not? By using this method in every task, you automatically and constantly experience the stage of being equal to the Father. So, from the beginning you became experienced in constantly following the Father in every task. Therefore, even now, it is extremely easy to become equal using the same method because you are using the specialities that are merged in you. You will continue to have the special alokik experiences of becoming equal to the Father and of also giving this experience to others. You have automatically received the blessing of this speciality. So, constantly use this blessing and constantly continue to move forward.

10. You are an elevated soul who uses the power of transformation in an accurate way, are you not? With this power of transformation, you become worthy of receiving everyone’s blessings. When it is completely dark, those who are in that darkness give blessings from their hearts to someone who gives them a little light. In the same way, those who use the power of transformation in an accurate way receive blessings from many souls, and everyone’s blessings easily make such souls move forward. Always have the awareness that you are a soul who constantly performs tasks through which you receive blessings. Then, whatever actions you perform, they will be those that bring you blessings. You receive blessings by performing elevated actions. So constantly have the awareness that you are a soul who receives blessings from everyone. This awareness is the way to become elevated. This awareness becomes instrumental in benefiting many souls. So, always remember that you are a soul who receives blessings from everyone with your power of transformation.

BapDada was given news about the Global Co-operation Project meeting.

BapDada is pleased when you all get together to make plans and put them into a practical form and will continue to do so. What else does BapDada want? This is why BapDada likes this. If anything is difficult, BapDada will make it easy. To use your intellect is also a blessing. Simply move along while keeping a balance. When you keep a balance, your intellect will very quickly be able to make a decision, and you will be able to resolve in less than an hour what you now spend four hours discussing. All will have the same thought. However, this is also good, it is a game, you create something, you break something; there is pleasure in this too. You may make plans and then refine them. You do keep busy. Simply do not feel anything to be a burden, just play games. There is little time and so do as much as you can. This service will continue all the time. Just as the bhandara (kitchen) never closes, this too is a bhandara. It will continue eternally. If something is taking a long time, then it will probably be even better for this is why it is taking a long time. However, you are working hard, you are not lazy and this is why BapDada does not complain. Achcha.


BapDada observes from the subtle region that the mood of some children changes a lot. Sometimes they have a surprised mood, sometimes a mood of question marks, sometimes a mood of confusion, sometimes they are in a swing of tension and sometimes a swing of attention. However, the confluence age is the age of experiencing the reward, not the effort, and so the Father’s virtues are the children’s, the Father’s stage is the children’s stage; this is the reward of the confluence age. So, constantly have a constant and perfect mood, and you will be said to be equal to the Father, that is, an embodiment of the reward.


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